Originally, I was thinking about starting a blog all about cupcakes and eventually adding more topics or a whole new blog. Eventually, with the help of my other half, I came to the decision to not limit myself from the start with some sort of specific cupcake theme. However, when I was planning my first couple of posts, I just kept going back to cupcakes! And why not? They’re delicious little things and they’re what inspired me to start blogging at all, along with the help of my friend  Glory (you can check out her YouTube channel here). Anyways, the first recipe I wanted to do was a raspberry and vanilla swirled cupcake. When I thought about what kind of frosting I  would use, I settled on champagne. It was perfect, raspberries and champagne go so well together and this whole deal is a cause for celebration! I mean, it’s the beginning of my first blog! What better way to christen it, then with champagne!? Off to the store I went! Continue reading Strawberry Champagne Cupcakes

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